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Audiometric Evaluations

Comprehensive Audiometric Hearing Evaluations are available for adults and children. Testing includes hearing threshold measurement in a large sound-controlled booth, with additional evaluation including tympanometry and otoacoustic emissions, as needed. Our ground-level office is wheelchair accessible and the testing booth is equipped with a short ramp for easy entrance.

Special pediatric testing techniques are used to measure hearing in a friendly and professional environment for children aged six months and older. The audiologist is experienced in measuring hearing levels and middle ear function (ie: ear infections and fluid) in children.

An Audiometric Evaluation is a covered service with all major insurance companies and Medicare. Medicare requires a referral from the Primary Care Physician, which our receptionist will discuss with you when you phone for the appointment. A report of the audiometric test results is provided to your referring physician with recommendations.

We do not accept Medicaid or Husky insurance plans at this time.

Office hours are available from 9-5, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The office is closed on Wednesday.