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Communication through hearing connects us to loved ones and to the outside world, but these days, understanding speech through masks and at a distance is especially difficult.

We are open and here for you, to provide the best in hearing healthcare in a safe and sanitary environment.

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Welcome to Feehan Hearing Center

I bring over 30 years of audiology experience in hearing evaluation and fitting amplification to the community of South Windsor and surrounding areas in central Connecticut. As a participating provider with Medicare and commercial insurance companies, I provide audiometric evaluation and diagnosis of hearing loss for adults and children. An audiometric test is the first step toward improving communication problems related to hearing loss.

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Feehan Hearing Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive hearing care to families in South Windsor and surrounding areas. We have over 30 years of experience in the diagnosis of hearing loss, fitting and repairing hearing aids and counseling patients with hearing problems and their families.

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Successfully improving communication includes fitting appropriate hearing aids for an individual’s hearing loss and lifestyle. As hearing aids have advanced in technology, the programming of the hearing aid’s digital processor and wireless pairing to cell phones, television and telephone require a skilled professional. My years of experience enable me to tailor the appropriate style, level of hearing aid technology and wireless accessories for an individual’s hearing needs.

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I offer a supportive experience for the patient and family members, instructing in the use and care of the hearing aids, sharing the realistic expectations of amplification and providing frequent follow-up visits to ensure comfort and success with new hearing instruments. I am not limited to one brand of hearing aid, but work with major hearing aid brands and offer all-make repair service.

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Feehan Hearing Center is an easily accessible ground-level office with a large parking lot and a professional and friendly office environment.                         Phone 860-644-7979 to schedule an appointment.

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